PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteering is limited to regular tasks carried out by trained volunteers

Trapping-line maintenance team needed

Trapper training is suspended due to pressure on ranger time.  However we are looking for people to help cut back our trap lines around the park. The trap-line team are needed every Tuesday to clear the way for our trappers in the bush. Due to the rugged terrain a moderate fitness is required. If you are interested in helping please have a word with one of the rangers during your next visit to the park or contact us for more information!

Couple needed for fence-checking

We also need a new pair of volunteers to join the fence-checking roster.  Your rostered duty would only about once in 8 weeks and training will be provided if you are interested. For the week that you are rostered you can do the check on any day and any time that suits you both.

If interested please contact us or phone 094242258 with your contact details.

[tabby title=”Fence inspection”]

Weekly inspections of the pest-proof fence are done by two-person teams who walk both sides of the fence concurrently. The inspections include checking the gates, the base, the mesh and the hood of the fence, the culverts which the fence traverses as well as adjacent vegetation. Small repairs can be made during the inspection process

Full training will be given to each two-person team and no special skills are required other than a moderate level of fitness.Teams are rostered on every two months or so.

For more information please email us.

[tabby title=”Trappers needed”]

Sorry – trapper training is currently suspended

We are looking for more people to help monitor trap lines around the park. This is a critical job that needs to be done on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Trappers need to be fit and there are several trap lines to choose from. Please note this is not a job for the squeamish!

If you are interested in helping. Please have a word with one of the rangers during your next visit to the park or contact us for more information!

[tabby title=”Tuesday volunteers “]

Volunteers have been helping the park rangers with a great variety of tasks for over 10 years now. Some come every week while others come whenever their schedule permits. We also have younger children who join us during school breaks and corporate groups who join us once a year.

There is a lot going on in the park so there’s always something for everyone to do! It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and many friendships have been formed over the years. No skills/experience necessary.

Here are some examples of the things the volunteers do:

  • Building and repairing fences and gates
  • Building traps for pest eradication programme
  • Maintaining tracks and picnic sites
  • Carrying out wildlife surveys
  • Nursery work: collecting and planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, repotting plants

If you would like to join a great group of people working together towards a common goal, just pop along to the ranger’s office in Te Haruhi Bay any Tuesday from 8:30am.