Planting 2018 all done

The planned planting site for 2018 was changed after the storm in May 2017 which  caused a major slip adjacent to the Lookout Track. This massive rainfall neared 200mm and this slip at the end of the airstrip was the major site of damage in the park. It is hoped that the plants will help deter further major slips in the area, and in time will improve the view from the Picture-frame carpark.

Planting out the slip

The original planting days were 17th June and 15th and 22nd July.  But planting on 15th July  had to be cancelled at short notice because of continuous rain that morning and instead two days of the following weekend were substituted to make this up.  As in previous years members of various Chinese Conservation groups joined an extra day of planting and this occurred on 9th June.  Two other groups also assisted with the planting – 200 boys from Auckland Grammar school and a small group from Takapuna LDS.  However after all this activity there were still plants needing to go in the ground so staff, parents and students of Gulf Harbour School came to our aid and completed the planting on 26th August.

A total of 18,000 plants were eventually planted with the assistance of about 700 adults and children.   Many thanks to all of you who helped.

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