Calling sea-birds back to Shakespear

UPDATE August 2016: Thanks to a generous donation from One Spark One Wish, we now have the funding we need for this project.


SOSSI is currently seeking donations towards purchasing three call-playback systems as part of the seabird restoration project at Shakespear Open Sanctuary. The plan involves installing three speaker systems spread along the eastern coastal cliff tops of the sanctuary. At night the speakers will play various seabird calls with the aim of fooling potential breeding adults in to thinking there is an active colony present so that they may decide to breed at Shakespear!

The species we are trying to attract nest in burrows and only come to land by the cover of darkness during the breeding season. They spend the rest of their lives out at sea, but once our colony sites are established you will have a good chance of seeing and hearing them at night at the park.

Grey-faced petrelWe are initially aiming to enhance the existing Grey-Faced Petrel population at Shakespear. Last year Grey-Faced Petrel burrows were located on the park with the use of dogs specially trained to locate seabird burrows. Before this we did not know these birds were already using the sanctuary! We will then start trying to attract Fluttering Shearwaters and Cook’s Petrels before moving on to some slightly more difficult species.

The total equipment cost is about $12,000 so we’re seeking donations as well as applying for grants to raise this money. All support, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated.

(Thanks to Jacinda Woolly for text and photo)

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