Bags of batteries

seabirdsDuring the past year we have had automatic cameras doing a number of jobs or us – watching the pest-proof fence for any unwanted visitors, watching the seabird nesting boxes and watching some special sites for bell-birds. The photo right shows some recent activity near the seabird sites – a pair of fluttering shearwaters showing some interest. And this video shows a couple of little blue penguins tripping in and out – we think they’re nesting so we’re hopeful of soon having some movies of chicks as well.

batteries 2The cameras are out in all weather so they have a hard life and need good batteries, and they’re out all hours as well and so you can imagine that we get through an awful lot of batteries too. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of MAXLIFE, this has so far cost us nothing. This photo shows just a few of batteries they have generously provided us with.


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