SOSSI projects

The Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society was originally established to support the building of the pest-proof fence, for which it raised $640,000, and now our members continue to support the sanctuary by raising funds and through volunteer work.

Currently our primary wildlife project is  our plan to re-introduce the Little Spotted Kiwi in 2017.  You can find details of some of our other ongoing and completed projects below.

[tabby title =”Nursery”]

SOSSI and Tuesday volunteers have completed a major upgrade of the Sossi nursery, with financial support from Auckland Council and Pub Charity.  This has created a more efficient production unit for pricking out and bagging on new young seedlings.  A new hopper has been constructed to feed potting mix directly onto the work table, saving time and reducing the back stress on volunteers. This work area is also covered by a retractable canopy to protect from rain and sun.

Seedling area
Seedling area

A shade cloth covering for the “old nursery” area has also been built.  This gives the newly bagged seedlings an initial good growing environment to settle down prior to being moved to the new standing out area where they will grow on until planting days next autumn.

We have committed to producing around 10,000 plants every year for re-vegetation planting so there is lots of work to be done and new volunteers are most welcome to help.

[tabby title = “Waterfall Gully”]

Waterfall Gully track
Waterfall Gully track

A dedicated team of volunteers led by Roger Land has been upgrading the Waterfall Gully track, the most popular of all the Park walking tracks.  They have widened the path, added drainage,  upgraded steps and replaced the seating.  Volunteer groups from schools and companies have assisted by carting in gravel (by hand) and clearing leaves.

[tab title = “Weed-busters”]A volunteer team led by Alison Wesley is  tackling the weeds in the Waterfall gully and Kowhai Glen bush areas of the park.  Their aim is to eradicate many of the common pest plants of the Auckland region and return the bush areas to containing native plants typical of the North Auckland region. Weeding days usually take place on the second Tuesday of each month, but occasionally on other days to allow for other
volunteering groups.
All volunteers are educated to recognize the relevant weeds “on the job”.  This is likely to be an ongoing project as once all areas have been searched for
weeds it will be time to return to the beginning and start the searching all over again,  hopefully finding fewer weeds.

[tabby title = “Promotion”]The Committee is working on a number of projects to promote the Sanctuary.   These include:

  • Establishing a permanent display of stuffed animal pest and posters  in the Old Woolshed.  This is used for school visits, and will also enable the shed to  be left open at peak vistor times.
  • Upgrading the existing noticeboards in the Park, the SOSSI brochure and the portable display
  • Developing a kids program
  • Re-starting volunteer sessions in the weekend
  • Placing regular advertisements in local papers regarding pest plants and other conservation issues